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The Maryland Handgun Permit Course consist of 16 hours of safe firearms training instructed by our Maryland Certified Firearm Instructors. This course also satisfies the HQL (Handgun Qualification License) which is  required for Maryland residents to purchase a handgun.


What this Course Covers:

-Maryland Firearm Laws

-Firearm Safety Rules

-Basic fundamentals of a Firearm

-Proper drawing from a Holster

-Sight Alignment/Sight Picture

-Live Fire Qualification

-Traning Requirements for Maryland Handgun Application


Who Needs this Course?

This course is suited for anyone looking for safe firearms training to better their understanding with Maryland Law, Fundamentals of a Handgun, and those seeking to apply for their Maryland Handgun Permit. 


If you would like to use your own firearm, you must bring your own ammunition and holster. Please keep it unloaded and secured in your vehicle until instructed to bring it in the classroom. Otherwise, we will supply all materials and firearms needed for you. 


Students who complete this training will recieve the information needed to apply for their Maryland HQL, their Maryland Handgun Permit Training Certificate, and the knowledge and confidence to safey handle a handgun. 



Optional $50 Application Assitance for applying for your HQL and/or MD Handgun Permit.

Maryland Wear and Carry

  • All sales are final. Please don't sign up if you feel you might need to cancel. Email Admin@rcetraining and we will work with you to get you rescheduled.

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