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Arm Yourself With The Skills You Need To Survive a Home Invasion? 


Are you ready to arm yourself with the skills you need to survive a home invasion but are in need of a comprehensive training plan to prepare you for dynamic, real-world home invasion scenarios?


Don’t worry, RC Elite Training has your back! The RC Elite toolkit is packed with USCCA proven tactics and the materials you need to make the learning simple and effective. This class is tailored for home invasions, threats outside the home, and how to protect your family.


Provided in our basic plan, RC Elite will train and assist you in your home to learn how to prepare for a home invasion, outside threat, and how to effectively protect your family by delivering a “Ready & Preparedness” training plan. 


Listed below are add-ons for this class to further your knowledge and protection.  


Home Defense Secuirty Consultation $75

Home Scenarios with Inert Handgun $100

Both $175


This training will take place in your own residence to learn how to protect you and your family in your home!

USCCA Home Defense Course

  • All sales are final. Please don't sign up if you feel you might need to cancel.

  • We will contact you to set up a date and time available for you for this training. 

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