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Are you mentally prepared to use deadly force to protect yourself or the life of another? RC Elite’s Defensive Handgun Course is suited for those looking to expand their handgun skills and be better prepared against a potential attacker.


Topics Covered:

-How to train for success

-Managing ammunition

-Manipulation of your handgun



-Ready positions


-Moving while shooting

-Shooting from diminished positions


General Gear List:

-Pen and notepad


-Water/hydration drink

-Ball cap

-Closed toed shoes

-No open or low cut shirts

-Eye/ear protection

-Holster (must cover trigger the trigger guard)


-Minimum of 3 magazines

-300-500 rounds of ammunition

-Folding chair

-Positive attitude!

All classes are held in Centreville, Maryland from 8:00am to 4:00pm.

**Limited spots for each class**

You will recieve an email with further details for class 1 week prior to class start date.

Show up prepared and ready to train!

Defensive Handgun

  • All sales are final! Please don't sign up if you feel you might need to cancel. 

  • Take advantage of a 10% discount on our firearms training by selecting cash payment at checkout.

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